Co-operative Education In BIT

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University Resources

Carleton University has the following resources available for those who want to learn about Coop:


The Co-op program is available to all BIT students, however there are requirements that must be met:

  • Registered and Maintain full-time status in the BIT program for each study term - "Full-time vs. Part-time" student status
  • Be eligible to work in Canada (for off-campus work)
  • Completed the course COOP 1000 with a grade of Satisfactory
  • At least complete 5.0 or more credits - You must have completed your first year in BIT(10 courses each worth [0.5] credits)
  • Obtain a Major CGPA of at least 8.00 (B) or higher. This CGPA must be maintained throughout the duration of the degree. If you are unsure what courses are in your major you can:
    1. Login to Carleton Central
    2. Under Academic Progress select myAudit
    3. Then submit/run an Audit for your program
    4. Once completed you can view your Audit and should be able to see all the courses in your Major CGPA

Work-Study Pattern

The below list & diagram provides an explanation of the preferred sequence of work terms and academic terms in your study program

  1. Your first work term could take place during the summer after your second year of studies
  2. Following that, you would continue with your fall term in your third year of studies
  3. Starting from the winter term in your third year, you would embark on three consecutive work terms, which would span an entire year
  4. After completing the three work terms, you would return to your academic studies to finish your third year during the winter term of your fourth year
  5. In the summer of your fourth year, you would have the opportunity to undertake a final work term, which would serve as the conclusion to your co-op terms
  6. Once you have completed your final work term, you would return to your academic studies to complete your final year
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Term Pattern Term Pattern Term Pattern Term Pattern Term Pattern
Fall S Fall S Fall S Fall W Fall S
Winter S Winter S Winter W Winter S Winter S
Summer   Summer W Summer W Summer W

: Study
W: Work

Coop Work Terms

The program mandates the completion of three work terms, with each term spanning four months, resulting in a one-year commitment. However, upon observing the aforementioned pattern, you may have noticed there are five work term opportunities. The summer terms during the second and fourth years are optional but strongly encouraged. Engaging in work during these terms is highly recommended as it provides invaluable work experience, further enriching your professional growth

Work Term Reports

During your work term, you will be enrolled in the course BIT 3999, which includes the requirement of completing a comprehensive work term report. This course will provide detailed guidance on successfully crafting your work term report, including thorough instructions and an explanation of the grading structure.

Essential Elements

Here are some imporant thing to keep in mind about co-op

  • Students must register and complete COOP 1000 (the Co-op preparation class) before they can apply for jobs, and before their first placement
  • Some students may have applied to the program without the co-op option. If you are wanting to enter into the co-op program follow the Apply for Coop from Carleton University
  • There is a Program Cost to Coop; Students are charged the first of 4 co-op admin fees while taking the on-line course
  • Terms are normally 16 weeks(4 months) in duration
  • BITsoc organizes a variety of events specifically tailored to assist BIT students with their Co-op endeavors. If you are eager to participate in such events and would like to see an expansion of our Co-op-oriented offerings, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated events representative. They will be more than happy to collaborate and strategize the planning of additional events that cater to the needs of the Co-op community


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone on the BIT Administration Team or in our Discord